About Culpeper, VA

Today’s hottest business location is found where technology, talent and quality of life converge… Culpeper, Virginia. Just an hour south of the Washington DC area, and 40 minutes north of Charlottesville, Culpeper is located in the center of the nation’s mid-Atlantic region.

Culpeper is home to a number of world-leading technology organizations, including:

Library Of Congress

… all supported by our own Daniel Technology Center of Germanna Community College, as well as nearby universities including George Mason University, James Madison University and University of Virginia.

In Culpeper, you will find:

  • a skilled and educated workforce
  • exceptional real estate values
  • abundant and reliable power
  • a robust fiber optic network
  • a jet-ready airport
  • a superior quality of life

Discover a place where light-speed business and star-filled skies coexist beautifully… Culpeper, Virginia’s Piedmont Advanced Technology Hub.